During the pandemic we all walked…

This was a derive along the Dock Road in Liverpool. The Dock Road as it exists today is mostly down to Jesse Hartley who was the Dock Engineer between 1824 and 1860. He built many of the docks still in existence today including the Brunswick, Waterloo, Victoria, Stanley and the Bramley Moore Dock which is the site of the new Everton Football Stadium.

There are many Grade two listed buildings along its seven mile stretch…the Herculaneum steps, the Carriage Ramps and Steps that led to a bridge over the Cheshire Lines Railway, the Hydraulic Station at Toxteth Dock, the Customs Depot, the Gatekeeper’s Lodge and Hydraulic Tower at Wapping, Mann Island Pumping Station, George’s Dock Ventilation and Control Tower.. to name a few.

This project took up most of a year but was ultimately abandoned…

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