A2 Broadsides

My colleague at Juniper press, Ken Burnley secured the long term  stewardship of the Columbian press that sat in the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post building in Liverpool and this was subsequently moved to  the new Museum of Printing in  Birkenhead.

I resolved to make some large scale work in order to  use the press and conceived of these pieces:

Everything is Connected has a hand drawn screen printed background, the imagery coming from all over, including diverse flora and fauna, birds, historical figures, art works and artists.

The backgrounds to the  two Wild in the Country broadside are taken from my photographs off trees developed into screen prints.EVERYTHINGWILD 1WILD 2

I couldn’t make up mind which of the two tree images I preferred so I decided to print both of them.

All the broadsides are A2 size and are printed on Hairy Manilla recycled paper.