Things Fall apart


… Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,


The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.


Under lockdown I made this book. The images here are pages which are overlaid with text. There are pp 13 in all. The text has been hand set in 12 point Caslon and printed on 25 gsm Kozo paper. They were printed on an Adana 8×5 Printing Press.

My original photographs were digitally printed. The book has a hard back cover and was sewn and bound by hand using a Japanese stab binding.



Pages with overlaid texts.

Working with Rufford Printing Co.

The Bridge.

I wanted to liase with a commercial printer and was offered the chance to do so by Brian Smith of Rufford Printing Co. Brian has been a printer for 50 years. Apart from running a successful and ongoing affair he has a love for traditional type and original presses.  The workshop has many original machines:  a Heidelberg Press, an Intertype Machine, an Arab press and a Vandercook 4C Proofing Press in addition to numerous Adana 8×5 presses.

I created 50 copies of this pamphlet based on the Bascule Bridge on the Dock Road in Liverpool  – a well known land mark in the city. The pamphlet consists of pp 12. There are two original Linocut prints printed on 25gsm Kozo paper which have been  tipped in. The text was hand set in 12 point Caslon and is printed on 170 gsm  Zerkall paper. It was printed on the Vandercook 4c Proofing Press.

The pocket was screen printed at Hot Bed Press, Salford. The whole was sewn, bound and created by hand.


Darklands revisited

This  little book was printed last year as the final work to come out of Juniper.The type is hand set in 10 point Gill Bold and my original photographs to accompany the text are tipped in. The front cover has been created using thermographic powder (which has the effect of raising the text)  and was printed on 170gsm Zerkall paper. The dust jacket was printed at Hot Bed Press in Salford and the book was sewn and bound by hand. It was printed on a Stephenson Blake  Proofing Press. darklands9darklands10darklands 6darklands5darklands3darklands11