Two postcards

big brother jpg

genuine democracy jpg


The upper postcard features a still from my favourite film ‘Bladerunner’. The reverse is a quote from Orwell’s  1984 which seems really prescient now given that all our information is  now being  scrutinized by GCHQ. We seem powerless – or have given away our right to privacy because we just don’t care enough to be outraged.

I drew the typewriter in the lower image – I used to have a typewriter like this ages ago and love the technology. I read that in the light of all conversations and e mails being intercepted, that the Germans were thinking of going back to using typewriters. The words….. We really do need a free press but its hard with the likes of the Daily Mail- just making stuff up!

Outrage series

Destiny jpg

Declaration of human rights jpg

Two more postcards. I took Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the  People’ and used it as a silhouette.  I can’t remember where the quote comes from on the back. I created the lower postcard  by writing out, in my own hand, the Declaration of Human Rights.  (Seemed like we needed to be reminded of these in the current climate.) The quote on the reverse is  by Steve McQueen when he was being interviewed on the release of his film ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ – wonderful , shaming  film. We saw his work in Basel last year – very inspirational.


Get angry


Two of the postcards in the  ‘Outrage’ series.

Screen-printed on one side and letterpressed on the reverse. I drew the ‘printers fist’ and added a period cuff- just because I fancied it. You can’t see it but I used a gloss varnish on top of the blue. The lower image is taken from a Barbara Kruger piece which was featured on the cover of  Dazed and Confused about six years ago.